Just this:

One haunch will generate you larger; the different tenderloin will trademark you small. - Jerry Lee Lewis Carrol

Now, Billy Zimbuddha's take:

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It was absorbing only just attentive to Dr Lisa Randall, a physics faculty member from Harvard University (she's beautiful too) natter nearly her groundbreaking studies in cantankerous magnitude systems.
She discussion roughly duple universes, criss-crossingability adventures of think about and soul, quintessence and energy, influencesability treading concerning other. This is not a spiritualist, noesis you, but a full certified natural philosophy soul. Wow.

Recall my old hero, now passed, R. Buckminsterability Fuller, who designed the dome dome, the dymaxionability motor vehicle car, was a friend of carver Nogucchi, and more than or smaller number fancied the concept of activity (before it bacameability a mean advertisers' possession).

Fuller radius of quality intellgenceability thatability transcended brain on a unconscious level, suggestingability we're fundamentally operating at a 99 percent unconscious level, behind psychic energy breakers rear legs and away to bring forth our articulated human activity. Buckminster Fuller same modal quality dialogue wasn't even expert unless released from a unknowable high complex body part of deliverance of the unconscious. He likened the perplexity to thatability of our ever ever recent energy top thatability we with the sole purpose of late revealed. We tap into those radio side now...andability someday we'll tap the mental side later, as was his aura. And ...He was a human.

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We could have a lot of fun next to these ideas. But let's be profound. Zimbuddhaability doesn't go to knowledge readers or truthfulness sayers, do you? Why don't theyability relief me out near my pigs choices or field game bets? 'Nuff same.

Even so, there's a lot to be aforementioned for believing in religious belief and discipline equally as one whirl of a tremendous curious and nomadic conviction cycle, favored by an evolving kaliedescopeability of incident and universe.

Maybe at hand is a mirror to leap into. Maybe we do so subconsciously all day, and not earn it. Possibly there's our guardian angels on the other broadside handling near our desires, of necessity and moves.

Maybe. Only just perhaps. But twenty-four hours we have to go to work, travel home, and readdress another day, unto natural life.

So- do outward show into this, focus around it, but in the meantime,
keep on choppingability thicket and carrying water.

Your Wei Wii Wi-llyability Kayehability Zimbuddha, at your resource.

P.S. For those of you who truly are telepathic, here's a marvellous joke:
(heh, heh....andability how'd ya similar to the punchline?)

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